Poor Man Friend celebrating 20 years of making Reggaemusic

Reggaeband Poor Man Friend maakt al 20 jaar muziek. Binnenkort hier meer over het allereerste begin in 1993 tot aan de meer recentere projecten van de band.


Onder het motto "niets moet, alles mag" zijn we in juni 2013 na ruim 2 jaar non-actief weer met enkele kernleden van de band bij elkaar gekomen om te gaan jammen... Het werd uiteindelijk een waanzinnige, vette jamsessie met oude en nieuwe riddems. Zo zie je maar weer, het bloed kruipt waar het niet gaan kan.... Dit krijgt zeker nog een staartje... MORE TO COME !



(Inna Dutch stylee)

Poor Man Friend is deze zomer een nieuwe weg ingeslagen. De aanhoudende samenwerking met Blackstar Foundation heeft ertoe geleid dat gedurende dit seizoen een brug wordt geslagen tussen twee extremen. Dat wil zeggen strictly Reggae meets pure Nederlandse Hip Hop. De Nederlandse Reggae (live) band PMF en niemand minder dan Brainpower schudden elkaar de hand en verenigen hun krachten om de relatie en invloed van Reggae in Hip Hop nog maar eens te benadrukken onder het Nederlandse publiek. Vandaar ook de text in het Nederlands deze keer.

Brainpower vecht en baant z´n eigen weg door het Nederlandse Hip Hop circuit en dat is maar goed ook. Zolang deze niet Ras maar ras-artiest zelf de toon zet, blijft muziek in welke vorm dan ook interessant, tijdloos en creatief genoeg wat zelfs z´n uitwerking krijgt in een ware Reggae EP. Wie had dat gedacht.....Brainpower goes Reggae...

De Nederlandse rapper Brainpower komt de volgende maand met z´n Reggae EP genaamd Dub & Dwars. De CD bevat reggaeversies van 6 van zijn meest bekende nummers, plus een nieuw nummer, de titeltrack Dub & Dwars.

Wil je zien wat dit live teweeg brengt kom dan in ieder geval naar het zwarte Cross festival op 17/18 juli aanstaande.
Het Zwarte Cross Festival heeft dit jaar een eigen Reggae podium! I Repeat (zanger van Beef) verzorgt de programmering van het gehele gebeuren en ook Blackstar Foundation is van de partij met verschillende artiesten..


Het optreden van Smiley staat gepland op zaterdag 17 juli rond 13:00 uur. Brainpower betreedt het podium samen met Reggaeband Poor Man Friend op zondag 18 juli rond 16:00 uur.  Meer informatie click:

Funx website
MC Brainpower website
Blackstar Foundation website

Brand NEW Reggae release by Chezidek
with a Dutch fingerprint?


The rich sound of this album is because of the very professional approach, great studio gear and musicians of this crew outta Amsterdam Holland (some of them coming from Leiden) in combination with JahSolidRock music.
Both two small independent Reggae labels who hereby
prove to deserve all the international attention!.

Once again we send 100 % respect to Not Easy at all Productions & JahSolidRock Music for dropping the Roots Reggae bomp of the year!

The album is available here and shall definitly wake the town and tell the people especially inna Holland when you realize that it is in fact a production with a Dutch fingerprint.

Hans and crew.. you guys did one hell of a Job. And yes this one is therefore worth to mention....Loud and Clear!..

More info on:



Chezidek probably rules not only this spring or summer but also the rest of this year with this brand new album called "Judgement Time". An album that comes up with a special guest appearance on this track called "On The Move" with no one else than the one and only Dean Fraser. The legendary musician brings you the best on his saxophone in cooperation with the Dutch saxophonist Hans van Scharen who supported PMF live on stage alongside Vivian Jones. Hans is part of a (Dutch) Reggae collective called "Not Easy at all productions" based in Amsterdam (NL).

Ras Falasha (Aruba) and Poor Man Friend support act for Tony Rebel & Queen Ifrica!
More roots reggae from the PMF Yard right away from the start as the first gig in 2010 will be a live support act for two big Reggae giants in Paradiso Amsterdam coming up thursday January 28th. Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica will be there doing a great live show that will start with a very special quest named Julian Simmons a.k.a Falasha supported by Poor Man Friend. Falasha is well known on the Island of Aruba where he is normally being accompanied by his Isis band. Two years ago Luciano (PMF) met the Rasta crew on the Island and shared his vision that one day the roots reggae by Falasha should be heard in Europe especially inna Holland. The day has come where the I shall join PMF on stage calling out to all reggae fans, especially the roots reggae lovers from Aruba, to support their hero. Poor Man Friend is proud to be there making the Rastaman vibes live and direct straight from that other caribbean (reggae) Island.

Paradiso Januari 28th - Falasha, Tony Rebel & Queen Ifrica

Falasha promoting his late album
 called Cultivate Your Mind

More Falasha click here



Vivian Jones with Poor Man Friend band

Thank you all VIVIAN JONES and PMF fans for sharing these magnificent Reggae vibes with us together inna Holland!

Vivian Jones  - Legalize Ganja
(Tubed by Ray4PA)


PMF band back into real Roots Reggae.. with Vivian Jones(JA/UK)
  Hail the Roots..    Love the Lovers...

Yes we've seen projects succeed before but this one will be crucial times. Poor Man Friend goes back into original roots Reggae music again with a UK/Jamaican artist that has inspired many of us decades ago. As you can read in the about section you might have noticed that the core band members of PMF grew up way back in the 80's. That time Reggae music spread enormously fast from the UK heading straight into Europe. Where Chris Blackwell brought Bob to Europe you could see a remarkable impact on UK Reggae music that time. From Roots Reggae to Lovers a whole new generation got inspired.
This brought us bands like Aswad, Steel Pulse, Misty in Roots etc. One of the great pioneers responsible for that movement is Vivian Jones who will be performing with Poor Man Friend starting at the end of the season.

Never heard of Vivian Jones? Than go check out the vibes behind his music and you'll surely never forget this honorable great man...who stands for lovers rock to one of his best rootical albums ever made...

See late releases
of Vivian Jones here
Big Leaders album in the Netherlands only downloadable here

(Other great news to mention is that the former bass player of PMF named PJ aka Papa J will be back in place especially for this Irie project).

Vivian Jones doing decades of Reggaemusic.

Hear the man sing...
Can't Hide
Bit of your Loving
Flash it and Gwan

More Information / Shows :
Contact Booking agent


  At the age of ten, Vivian Jones left Trewlaney, Jamaica, in 1967 to settle in England. In 1977 he joined the band the Spartans and began to write his own material. A couple of bands later, Vivian went solo and achieved a number 1 in the reggae charts in 1980 with "Good Morning". In 1981, "Black Echoes" magazine voted him the most talented singer/songwriter in the UK.
In 1984, he went back to Jamaica, and ended up recording songs with Roots Radics. He returned to England and collaborated with Jah Shaka, and began to concentrate on his own music once more.Vivian and his colleagues initiated a run of hit vocal tunes that proved so successful, even Jamaica had to sit up and take notice. Because he has achieved so many recognized acknowledgements, Vivian is wanting to break into the National Charts "because though I'm known as a reggae artist, my appreciation of music is international, so are you ready?".

PMF band supporting K-Wida once more on the Dutch Queensnight in The Hague.


More pictures here...(on courtesy of Dutch Popfotograaf.nl / Ron van Varik)



                          Lady K-Wida releases duet with King Yellowman!


  One Man Woman is Lady K-Wida's second single, including a live version with backing band Poor Man Friend and a combination version with the legendary Jamaican singer Yellowman.

This latter version is accompanied by a Nice Video.  //  More K-Wida & PMF Band on the Download page.



Journey to Foreign  

Clinark aka The Reggae Torch (Bermuda) comes up with an amazing UK Studio production!

Nurture Projects (UK) bringing out another top production for 2008. Gramps and Peter Morgan, Richie Spice, Brinsley Forde, Maxi Priest, Fantan Mojah Luciano, Irie Love , fellow Bermudian,Troy Anthony and Kofi all feature on collaborations on this big tune album called 'Journey to Foreign'.

PMF band hereby congratulates Clinark and crew (based in the UK) with these magnificent works...

Go check it out on :




Lady K-Wida + PMF band 
MP3 Sample of K-Wida and full PMF band captured live in session for
Stork on Air during FM broadcast by Radio West.

       K-Wida / PMF Band @X-Stage

K-Wida + Band @ Lounge Session



Together on stage supporting Alpha Blondy once again!

Less than a week ago Monday June 16th lady K-Wida and PMF crew were honored once again to meet and greet Alpha Blondy & his superior Band. Below pictures of the whole PMF crew that set up a tight pre-show as support act for Alpha Blondy and his Solar System live in the Melkweg in Amsterdam by order of Blackstarfoundation.

Lady K-Wida & Alpha Blondy (2008)
Lady K Wida (in centre) with full PMF band and Horn players                            
More pictures here



  June 2008
PMF (feat. Billyman) on SKANK Sampler (US)..

 New Roots Reggae Release!!... Out now!!


After almost one year - and numerous delays - the latest compilation by Skank Productions (US) is just about ready! Twelve tunes and 60 minutes of the most crucial reggae on the planet! Skank Records is proud to finally present it to you - on June 18th - and believe it or not, This one is stronger than strong!

- Click here to listen
- Click here to read more about the album


  K-Wida + PMF Band pre-show for Heptones

The Mighty Heptones

We are proud to be part of the upcoming show friday the 4th of july where we will line up with K-Wida doing the pre show for the mighty Heptones.

Please enjoy these video clips from the Roots Archives:

-Heptones Video 1 featuring Rude Rich (NL)

-Heptones Video 2 featuring Rude Rich (NL)

Location : P60 Amstelveen

See agenda



  April 2008
K-Wida on the loose...

Finally time has come for K-Wida to release her energy as a one 100% female Reggae artist sending strong vibes from the Netherlands. She planted seed in lot of bands to grow herself but when it comes to Reggae she has been dedicated growing her roots strongly and well founded inside Poor Man Friend as her fertile soil. K-Wida has always been dedicated to the PMF crew for which we send out a 100% maximum respect.

K-Wida(Left) on her upcoming album    K-Wida & Anthony B           

Poor Man Friend introduced Lady K-Wida to Blackstar Foundation late 2006 during a rehearsal session alongside
Ras Osagyefo. Since that moment we have encouraged K-Wida to tune in with Blackstar to reach higher levels...

See K-Wida with PMF Band live
See K-Wida and Osagyefo featuring on a 3FM session


Monday June 16th 2008
-Melkweg Amterdam-

K-Wida pre-show of Alpha Blondy

Now K-Wida is ready to rock and send out a sign to the whole wide world of Reggae featuring all woman in Reggae.
PMF band is ready to back her up live on stage in 2008 where she will release her first full blown Reggae Single.

The release party will be held Saturday on the 3rd of May in Amsterdam (see the agenda). For those who 'd like to see K-Wida on an other big event we say come along and join the Reggae party with the African Reggae King Alpha Blondy once again where she'll do the pre-show this time....

More info here


  PMF band for Nelson Mandela Kinderfonds..

As promised to our fans united (see below) PMF Band has decided to send the first CD single proceeds of 2007(meaning 250 CD singles sold) straight to the Nelson Mandela Kinderfonds:
Quote.. "To all people that united with us we say and guarantee that we'll continue the initiative to transfer that part of the single proceeds to a reliable fund for Children"..... Which fund it's eventually going to be shall be published on this news page. (Read the info about the CD single called "CoffeeshopMan" below).

Click image to read more (in Dutch)..

December 2007

PMF Band feat. K-Wida / Pre-show for Macka B

Poor Man Friend will do a short pre-show featuring K-Wida live in the P60. The Reggaenight in the P60 will be continued with the great Macka.B and his band. Macka B has always been interested in music. At a very young age he was impressed by the heavyweight sound system Lord Barley, playing in the blues party next door. The vibrant reggae beat found a place in his heart that remains there to this very day. Macka.B joined the Ariwa label thanks to Mad Professor and recorded the LP "Sign of the Times" which reached No 1. in the Reggae LP charts. Appeared on Channel 4 Club Mix & 1986 Sunsplash in Wembley Arena. This was the start for the Rastaman to tour Europe.

Dutch info here
about Macka B January 25th..

Live in P60  Macka-B

Macka.B continues to spread consciousness
and break down the barriers.


November 17th 2007 - Melkweg Amsterdam.. (Dutch review)

 Click picture to enlarge 
Dancer Aronnette , Alpha Blondy & PMF Band

Poor Man Friend crew shaking hands with the great Alpha Blondy.
Having met Bushman and Yellowman in person earlier in 2003/4 this time here in 2007 we were honored the most shaking hands with the biggest living Reggae legend coming from the African continent (Ivory Coast). Though we did not have any serious intention to meet the man, positive energy backstage just strike us and simply dwelled us together for a short wonderful moment not to forget. We left Alpha the latest PMF CD single "CoffeeshopMan", hereby representing Amsterdam, as a Dutch Reggae souvenir coming from PMF band. This night Poor Man Friend band enjoyed powerful and uplifting vibes backing up Ras Osagyefo for his short 30 minute pre-show as support act for Alpha Blondy.

*  *  *

Alpha Blondy really appreciated the vibes and gave us the opportunity to shoot a nice picture with some of the PMF crew. For those of you who have not heard the brand New CD of Alpha yet we can definitely say to take the next for granted.
His newest album called "Jah Victory" is probably the best Reggae album to be compared with his early release called "Jerusalem" that came out during the mid 80's featuring the Wailers. This Reggae night in the "Melkweg" in Amsterdam was definitely a Jah Victory!.. so we say hail the African vibes and thank you Reggae people of Amsterdam..


MELKWEG Amsterdam

OSAGYEFO + Poor Man Friend band



September 2007

PMF on Rastaplas...2007

The spirit is working...so give thanks to the
Artists and Robbie Roots for the support.

Dutch Reggae Award 2007 (NL)

We were happy to bring Reggae to the Rastaplas Festival in Zoetermeer where Robbie Roots surprised us with the Dutch Reggae award 2007 handing it over to the PMF foundation band for this year.

We give thanks to Robbie as it is an award that sends out an uplifting signal to the music industry here that has to learn a lot more about the Reggae vibes left hidden in our own country. In other words an Irie award that brings Reggae in NL more to the surface.

Late Pictures of PMF+OSAGYEFO at Rastaplas 2007
Click on the (Grid) Picture below

With Nuff 'Respect to RastAsia

Dutch Reggae Award..


Enjoy the positive vibes!...

We hereby congratulate Osagyefo and Blackstar Foundation with their first official CD release. Let there be much more fire coming up year after year in many many places...

Info & ordering CD click here..


View the first video clip of the hottest Reggae Prince from Africa Ghana named Osagyefo presenting his new boom tune called "Hotter fire blaze!'' Visit OSAGYEFO's myspace profile. You will love the vibes...


  PMF Band and OSAGYEFO on Radio 3 FM...

PMF band and Osagyefo got the opportunity to enter deep into the heart of the Dutch national Media Park. Roaring Lions at Radio 3 FM early in the morning. We where honored to Blaze Fire on that place. Click on the link below...

Also visited Stork on Air (Radio West) 27-07 and FUNX Rotterdam 02-08 and FUNX Amsterdam 31-08.

Click picture to enlarge..
Click picture to enlarge
Childright fund bad on the News...

Please note that serious points at issue showed up in the Dutch media very recently concerning the foundation ChildRight here in Amsterdam. The organization we started a cooperation with promoting the latest CD Single release. We regret to say that certain points involve transparency of administration and handling of projects over the past few years as stated on Dutch television and newspapers. Pronouncements by the media have damaged a part of our mission because people simply lost confidence in ChildRight so did we. Fortunately people stick to the Reggae vibes with us and have faith that we'll manage to do what is right.

Please be aware PMF is focused on the future and is only selling the CD single mentioned below for the benefit of Children at any time at any place. Until further notice we have decided to freeze the money part we collected from these few hundred CD singles we already sold. To all people that united with us this way (see info below), we say and guarantee that we'll continue the initiative to transfer that part of the single proceeds to a reliable fund for Children. This will be done as soon we reach 500 sold pieces of the CD Maxi single. Which fund it's eventually going to be shall be published on this news page...


June 2007
Reggae Sky High!..  Unite with PMF band Worldwide
by spreading a special CD Single with a mission for this Summer 2007!


A new CD Maxi single that comes up with three tracks including an unique Dub version. Works have been recorded here on popular demand never released from the studio before. The music is destined to pass thru many countries calling all music lovers worldwide to chant and lift up Children. The more singles we sell the more benefit there will be for a Children Fund to be decided.

1. CoffeeshopMan  
2. Jah Time has Come (Mandela tribute) 
3. CoffeeshopDub version

Nelson Mandela

Hail World!.. Love the vibes ?
Let's Unite ...for € 4,00


Via BANK Account (read below)
For orders
via our Bank Account please use the Contact Page. Enter your name and address there and transfer 4,90 Euros ahead into our Dutch accountnumber of the foundation which is Postbanknr: P9393577. Mark your payment with name and address as well. For International payments: IBAN: NL07 PSTB 0009 393577 Mention Bank code : BIC PSTBNL21.

The people that united...

United Reggae Front

  Note! we'll charge 0,90 Eurocents for each Postal transmission regardless of the postal address. The CD single will be send to you within one working day as soon we received your contribution. We'll put your name on the Reggae Front list on this page only with your approval of course  

OSAGYEFO & PMF mingle on the Africa Festival 2007 (NL).

A natural mystic will be blowing through the air as one of the youngest and biggest talents straight from Africa Ghana shall come over to meet the Reggae mass again. Osagyefo will be spreading deep Reggae vibes from his motherland live on stage this time backed by PMF.
His strong collaboration with Blackstar Foundation has raised an outstanding Reggae album called Blaze' Fire containing riddems and tunes that definitely ought to be compared with the hottest releases of today. All is planned to be released this summer. A summer where forces shall mingle live on stage into a unique solid Reggae experience. Read the story about Osagyefo on myspace and feel free to check some of his big tunes on it already. Hail Osagyefo..
.Hail the Blackstar Crew..

Dutch Press Report : Here

Click image to read more
about Osagyefo..



Dec 2006...

CD Released by Nurture Projects (UK)
Clinark - Live in Holland with PMF band

For we say big up Clinark and the London Crew
and not to forget all the Clinark fans inna Bermuda.

Backed by Poor Man Friend Band
Live Album In Stock now!!

March 2007...

CD review by UK Reggaeguide


More reviews at..

More about Clinark...

Clinark at Horsehoe Beach - Bermuda

 Spreading his Vibes....from UK

More shops:

CDBaby.com (UK)
System Records (UK)
Ernie B's Records (USA)
Irie-records.de (Germany)



October 2006...
Poor Man Friend meets Osagyefo!

Poor Man Friend recently had the great honor and pleasure to meet a big Reggae Talent straight outta Africa Ghana. The name of this bredda, since that day our true Friend, is Osagyefo. Thanks to Sista Michelle of Blackstar foundation the right Reggae vibes dwelled together as one causing a strong mystic and natural force of live Reggae music in the house with big live potential. Again we were convinced that that moment, and that combination was a spiritual one. One that can bring much joy to many places where people love to dance Reggae. We are fully convinced that this artist will set a lot of place on fire
in a live set up such as we aim for. Please check the Video SPECIAL of Osagyefo on the right recently caught on Television as seen on the BOX. For bookings contact Michelle of Blackstarfoundation!..


Click on the image...

ADSL connection recommended!!



July 2006...

Poor Man Friend meets Clinark (Bermuda/UK) & Zema (USA/JAM)

After the successful collaboration with Clinark on the recent mini tour in the Netherlands. Kila (keyboard player of PMF) has just composed new horn arrangements for 16 tracks on Clinark’s brand new album called "Journey". This roots Reggae album is expected to hit the streets soon now in close cooperation with Mafia and Fluxy alongside Gussy P. We think that this Roots Reggae album will be heading for a high profile all over the place. The production already reaches the highest standard of the top Reggae productions coming out of London such as Al Campbell, Tippa Irie, Maxi P to name a few.


(click picture and hear Clinark live!!)
Picture by Ron Rutten (NL)

More PMF Live Here


(click picture and hear Zema live!!)
Picture by Ron Rutten (NL)
  Poor Man Friend started with some interesting live gigs at the beginning of may this year. Friday may 5th and Saturday may 13th shows got confirmed in Leiden and Oss which means a roots reggae crew skanking again but this time in close cooperation with Nurture Projects from the UK. The PMF crew got linked with London to back up Clinark and Zema for a strong live debut in the Netherlands.

Clinark has co-written and co- produced a new collection of works, aptly titled ‘Journey’. It is a fruitful project that started with London based producer and drummer, 'Technical T' on the emerging Nurture Projects music house. Today Clinark teamed up with the best Reggae producers/musicians in the UK aka Mafia & Fluxy alongside Gussie P taking his latest album to the highest level. Clinark is back to recover his place on the reggae road map. His latest release Dem Come, which he sang under the name of ‘Dillinjah’ on the Dread Unity label in 2004, was a truly modern day cyber production with Clinark writing and voicing tracks in Bermuda with the production being done in the UK. Now all of this is to be rewarded with an amazing powerful Reggae release in 2006 produced by the best. This will definitely light up the Reggae Torch which you cannot miss.

Zema the main act of the show is a well established Reggae daughter in US/Jamaica.Tony Rebel recently put Zema in the line up of Jamaica's one and only Roots Reggae Festival called Rebel Salute. Zema has finished recording a new album set for release in 2006 to be launched and received in Holland as well. Zema's fourth album was recorded primary at Bob Marley's Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston JA, with Sly and Robbie, The Gladiators, Horsemouth, Ansel Collins and Dalton Browne. Zema's latest album presents combinations with Al Griffiths of the Gladiators (GladiatorsBand.com) and Mark Wonder. So it is not a surprise to read more about the Reggae daughter on the jamaicaobserver.com website. The vibes right so check it out yourself. Click Zema's picture and keep skankin'!

Click to see more!
Clinark & Maxi Priest in M&F Studio  

Click to see more!
           Zema & Brother Ricky  

Nurture Projects  Zema & Clinark in cooperation with Poor Man Friend in Holland..                


Rasta Art gallery in the Netherlands still visited by thousands of visitors!

Visit the online Gallery of Ras Elijah Nicholas (by clicking his picture on the left). Daily we get many hits on his painting images. Feel free to pass a glance at his Rasta art. If you like you can leave him a message about his gallery at the end of his online exhibition. Forward the gallery link to people at places who might be interested in transforming a piece of their wall into, what the Rasta man calls, the Art of satisfaction.

Ras Elijah Nicholas..

Enter the Rasta Gallery
(by Ras Elijah Nicholas)

(!! Unfortunate the server hosting this gallery
is temporary offline due to hardware failure !!)